Graviola Cancer Cure Scam

Find Out About Graviola Cancer Cure Scam

Some research and studies indicate that there is a high possibility of curing cancer by drinking graviola tea. So, that graviola cancer cure scam might not be true.

Studies show that extracts from graviola tree has phytochemicals. These substances have antiviral and anticancer functions. Separate studies prove that the tea might be capable of curing at least ten different forms of cancer. There is a good chance of curing lung, colon, breast, prostrate and pancreatic cancer, even better than Adriamycin.

Adriamycin is widely used as part of chemotherapy treatment. The extracts from graviola tea were found to be much stronger in fighting cancer compared to Adriamycin. Some studies indicate that the tea is ten times stronger. Normally, a cancer person becomes weak after chemotherapy.

This is because Adriamycin not only attacks dangerous cancerous cells but also healthy cells. The medicine does not target cancerous cells specifically. Such is not the case with graviola tea. The substances in this tea only targets cancerous cells. Therefore, there is a high possibility of this tea being a better cure for cancer.

In addition, the tea is a natural substance compared to the medicine. Therefore, there is prone to be fewer side effects. However, more clinical trials and studies are required before graviola tea can be widely used for treating cancer. Considering this, the US Food & Drug Administration or FDA for short does not approve this tea for curing cancer. It has endorsed the tea for use to strengthen the immune system.

To put it briefly, many people may believe in graviola cancer cure scam. However, studies and clinical trials show that there is a high possibility of graviola tea curing various types of cancer. It might be even more effective way than Adriamycin. This drug targets both healthy and cancerous cells, unlike graviola tea. However, before this tea can be widely used to cure cancer, more research and clinical trials are necessary to make a proper conclusion.