Graviola Tea

What Are The Benefits Of Graviola Tea?

Graviola tea is widely sold on the market these days. There are many brands which claim to be pure tea from the Graviola tree and capable of curing various ailments including cancer.

The Graviola tree originates from South America. It grows well in the tropical areas of South America. Another common name of the tree is Soursop. It can grow up to five meters or so. The Indigenous people of Amazon Region use the bark, fruits, leaves and roots for curing various ailments. They have been doing so for ages.

To make Graviola tea, extracts are taken from the bark, leaves or roots of the tree. Many South American natives drink this tea daily to maintain general well-being and health. According to some studies, the tea helps to maintain normal glucose levels. The tea can be used as sedative or as a nerve tonic.

Certain studies indicate that tea made out of the extracts from Graviola leaves can lower blood pressure. This could be the very reason for a calming effect or its effective function as a nerve tonic. Nevertheless, FDA or Food & Drug Administration in the USA does not endorse this tea as a nerve tonic. FDA only recommends this tea for supporting a person’s immune function.

This is due to the antimicrobial property of the tea. It has been found capable of fighting and treating bacterial and fungal infections. In spite of its wide use among South American natives for curing various ailments, the FDA has not approved this tea for the same reasons except for supporting the immune system.

To summarize, many South American natives drink Graviola tea daily for general health and well-being. Some studies prove that this tea can act as a sedative or as a nerve tonic. Nevertheless, the FDA has only approved this tea for supporting a person’s immune system.